Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a balloon installation cost?

Prices for each item can be found on our menu page, but all items are priced based on size, and can be sized according to your budget.

When you reach out to us, just let us know if there’s a specific price range you want us to stay within. Or, if you are more interested in getting a specific look/effect, we can let you know what it will take to bring your vision to life. Please note that asking us to make the installation larger than what was originally quoted will increase the price.

If your budget is less than $200, we recommend checking out our grab ’n’ go options.

How long will my balloon garland last?

That depends on a variety of factors like climate, the environment it’s in, and how much it’s been put through. We use primarily the highest quality balloon brands in the industry, which are stronger and so retain their shape, color, etc. longer than the cheaper ones that can be found on Amazon and other import sites, but unfortunately we don’t have control over the other factors that determine its lifespan. For these reasons, we cannot guarantee a lifespan on any of our installations.

Installations done outdoors will likely not last longer than the day of. We have had clients send us pictures of indoor installations as much as one or two months after the event, and the installation still looks amazing!

If you'd like us to remove the installation after your celebration, ask about our break down services!

Do you offer breakdown or cleanup services?

If you’d like us to come and take down the balloons after the party, we can do that. Breakdown services start at $50, depending on distance, size of project, etc.

How far in advance do I need to order my balloon installation?

Since each of our installations are 100% custom-designed and made, the further in advance we can plan, the better. Rush fees may apply to orders placed less than three weeks from the event.

Do you do helium balloons?

Not at this time. If you would like to include helium balloons in your event, we recommend getting them from a local party store such as Party City.

Do you offer delivery?

We do! The fee for delivery and installation for most jobs within a 5 mile radius of our balloonery (in Tampa Bay we are located near Downtown Clearwater, and in East TN we are northwest of Knoxville) is $50. Additional fees may apply for jobs that require multiple vehicles or people, or are further away.

Do I have to pay you for delivery & installation?

Not at all! If you prefer, you can use our “grab ’n' go” option. As long as you have a way to pick up the balloons (open-air vehicles are not recommended!) and are willing to hang/install them on your own, you are welcome to do so.

It will be a bit of a DIY endeavor as legally we cannot offer advice on how to hang them, but can be a great option for those who plan to have the balloons on the floor, or are adventurous and creative!

Can a balloon installation go anywhere?

Just about! They do tend to prefer the indoors to the outdoors, as the Florida climate is brutal for balloons. In the right weather though, for a short event, they can look lovely outside.

We do ask for pictures of the location the garland or arch will be going for planning purposes at the time of booking so we can make sure there is somewhere secure we can hang the installation.

If you want a garland or arch somewhere there is no wall, ceiling, column, etc. to attach it to, you will need to rent one one of our backdrops for it to attach to.

Do I need to tip?

Tips are never expected, but always appreciated.

We try to keep our prices competitive and affordable, and as a small, family-owned and operated business, every little bit helps us to grow our dream! If you think we’ve done a great job and exceeded your expectations, we won’t turn down a tip.

How long does it take to set up a garland/arch/installation?

For most designs, a minimum of 1-2 hours is needed onsite. For larger designs that get built wholly onsite, sometimes one or more entire days are needed. Please keep this in mind for events being held at third party locations and try to find out in advance from your event space how early our team can get there to set up.

If sufficient setup time onsite is not available, we can likely still make it happen, but fees for additional or specialty delivery vehicles may apply.

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